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Services and Facilities



President: João Luís Monney de Sá Paiva

Vice-President: Pedro Rodrigues

Vice-President: Maria Manuela da Conceição Ferreira

Vice-President: José Augusto Rosa Bastos

Administrador: Mário Luís Guerra de Sequeira e Cunha

Management Bodies

Assembly of the Polytechnic of Viseu


General Council

Administrative Council

Presidency Services

- Planning and Management;

- Culture, Information and External Relations;

- Administrative Services;

- Juridical Services;

- Technical Services;

- Documentation Services ;

- Informatics.


The Social Action Services are responsible, at the highest level, for the Welfare management within the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, covering the organization of support actions for the students, such as:

- meals (refectories and cafeterias);

- scholarships;

- accommodation;

- health services;

- sports and cultural activities;

- loans;

- books and scholastic materials.

Refectories and Cafeterias

The Polytechnic of Viseu has two refectories and several cafeterias in all Schools, offering all kinds of meals and light meals at very affordable prices.


Three student halls of residence are currently available. They include 52 single rooms, 132 double rooms and 4 rooms for students with disabilities, having a total capacity for 320 residents. All rooms are fully equipped, including telephone, T.V. antenna, and the possibility of computer installation. There are living and study rooms, with T.V. sets, computers and several games.

The following list includes the students who can benefit from the Welfare Services:

- Portuguese students registered in higher education institutions;

- Students from EU State Members;

- Students coming from partner countries (which, under equal circumstances, ensure the same conditions for Portuguese students).

 Student Residences Internal Regulation

Libraries and Internet

Each school of the Polytechnic of Viseu has a library/documentation centre and several computer rooms. Foreign students studying at the Polytechnic of Viseu shall request a password for free internet access.

Libraries/Documentation Centres

School of Education

Tel: +351 232 419035

Fax: +352 232 419034


Timetable: 09.00h-19.00h (closed on Saturdays and Sundays).

School of Technology

Tel : +351 232 480 513

Fax: +351 232 480 639 / 424 651


Timetable: 09.00h-20.00h (school time, from Monday to Friday); 09.00h-12.30h and 14.00h-17.30h (academic holidays).

Agrarian School

Tel : +351 232 480 513

Fax: +351 232 480 639 / 424 651

Timetable: from Monday to Friday - 9.00h -12.30h and 14.00h-17.30h.

Nursing School

Tel: + 351 232 483 280

Fax: +351 232 483 343


Timetable: 08.30h-18.45h, from Monday to Friday.

School of Technology and Management of Lamego

Tel: + 351 254 615477

Fax: +351 254 613029


Timetable: 09.00h-12.30h and 14.00h-20.00h, from Monday to Friday.

Sports Facilities

The Polytechnic Campus has the following sports facilities:

  • Soccer field
  • Tennis court
  • Multisports field
  • Minigolf

All students interested in using the abovementioned facilities shall make a reservation at the School of Technology.

Student Activities

Each school of the Polytechnic of Viseu has a student union. These unions promote several activities in the areas of science (conferences, meetings, etc.), culture, leisure and sports, including the celebration of academic traditions, such as the freshman welcome week.

There are also student musical groups – "Tunas" – which are part of the Portuguese academic tradition, as well as a theatre company – ‘Teatro da Academia’.