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Research Centre in Digital Services (CISeD) has been created by Polytechnic Institute of Viseu to conduct applied research in digital services. The research conducted within CISeD covers areas related with computer science, economics and management, culture, quantitative methods and electrical and mechanical engineering. The research centre includes, in its genesis, partners as The Tallaght Institute of Technology and the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca, and also companies Bizdirect (a SONAE group enterprise), Softinsa (a IBM group enterprise), as well as establishing partnerships in the automotive industry - Faurécia, PSA Mangualde, HUF group and Tojaltec.

CISeD's vision is to be a centre for excellence in the Digital Services area and in the development of technologies for the automotive industries. Our mission is to be a reference research unit in our field, leading in knowledge, learning and education in order to improve the conditions of our society. Through human resources recognition CISeD aims to be an instrument of inspiration and motivation for the community.

CISeD's values are as follows: Excellence: promote the highest standards of research on the basis of a management model geared towards a culture of quality and merit appreciation. Ethics: incorporation of integrity into scientific practice and behaviour. Social responsibility: seeks to promote social responsibility in the community and it’s the environment by providing services to the community and supporting its development of international, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation to establish permanent partnerships. Knowledge Sharing: cultural, scientific and technical reciprocity with our members and partners. Cultural Exchange: from values, efforts and achievements, on the basis of universal development of culture as a basis of a fairer, more informed and more equitable society.

The main objectives of the CISeD

  1. Develop the number and quality of digital services, particularly in the social, cultural, economic or public administration sectors;

  2. Develop and disseminate research in the aforementioned areas in collaboration with national and international partners in order to address real-world issues faced by individuals, organizations and society at large;

  3. Promote interinstitutional cooperation and interinstitutional exchanges to foster the internationalization of research and the development of cross-cutting R&D projects;

  4. Develop applied research, namely that resulting from the projects with the corporate institutional partners, and those of the international education system, but also with other organizations;

  5. Develop the automotive industry and the digital industry;

  6. Support and develop entrepreneurship;

  7. Promote scientific employment;

  8. Allow students from the IPV and from the partner institutions to participate in R&D projects during their academic experiences, leading to an increase in the scientific production;

  9. Increase the scientific production of CISeD researchers and enable their constant updating.


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