CONsumer Behaviour Erasmus Network (COBEREN)

The CONsumer Behaviour Erasmus Network (COBEREN) is an Erasmus Academic Network (Lifelong Learning Programme) developed to analyze consumption culture, consumer behaviour and the linkage among them in 30 countries in Europe. In this project also the similarities and differences in the European countries will be highlighted. To succeed in this project the network is composed by experts (and their research groups) from 30 countries, with a remarkable trajectory and experience in: consumer behaviour, market research, statistics and international marketing.

The aims of the network are:

1. To provide a report describing each country regarding Demography and education, Society, Economy and industry, Health, Values, Personal Characteristics, Satisfaction and importance, Consumption patterns, Value of food basket, Leisure time and Media consumption.

2. To highlight the similarities and differences among the profiles of the European countries.

3. To analyse consumption culture in Europe. In this area of analyses COBEREN tries to develop a new methodology to study deeply a so controversial topic as "culture". The final purpose is to develop a methodology to be implemented regularly to maintain an updated culture analyses in the European countries.

4. To research the behaviour of the consumer in each of the 30 countries considered. The purpose is to analyse the behaviour of the consumer in a general approach, but also, and in the first three-years of work of COBEREN we have analysed deeply the behaviour of the consumer in the drinking sector. The aim of the network is to extend the field of analysis and each year to analyse deeply consumer behaviour in a different sector. The questionnaire will be made public once the analyses of the data are done. Interested persons are welcome to visit the website

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